“Internet Catholics be Crazy”: Anchoress at America Magazine

“Internet Catholics be Crazy”: Anchoress at America Magazine March 4, 2015

Image by Rovdyr, via wikimediacommons
Image by Rovdyr, via wikimediacommons

Yes, I said it, but I count myself among the mad, so that’s okay.

I said it, and a lot more, to America magazine’s Sean Salai, S.J., even though — and this is the honest truth — I’m not sure how I even got on his radar. Following his terrific interviews with Camille Paglia and Romanus Cessario, I feel very much like an off-speed pitch.

[Aside – Yes, I know I’ve been using a lot of baseball analogies, lately; I’m hankering for it and this winter must end!]

Still, I enjoyed getting acquainted with Salai, and the interview gave me a chance to make clear both how Patheos came about, and just what it is I hope to accomplish within this Catholic channel, as managing editor. In part:

To my way of thinking, the struggle is the whole story of faith; writers who are willing to bare and share the highs and lows that come with living an engaged Catholic life become effective evangelizers, simply by the authenticity of their witness. Reading about a young Catholic mother struggling with a contraception teaching that she affirms in spirit but finds challenging in the flesh—and watching the effect that challenge has upon her openness and her spiritual growth—is incredibly powerful, ultimately faith-affirming stuff.

You can read the whole thing, here.

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