Morning muse on Brown's win -UPDATED

Morning muse on Brown's win -UPDATED January 20, 2010

Morning is being taken up with bringing the dog to the vet, so I haven’t had a chance to do more than watch the video below, but it occurred to me that if President Obama has any sense of humor at all he’ll come out today and echo Bush in ’06, acknowledging Brown’s stunning upset in Massachusetts by saying “it was a thumpin’.”

It takes a big man to make a joke at his own expense, though, an even bigger man to say “the people have spoken” and adjust to it. How big is Obama? We still don’t know.

I couldn’t believe someone put this together so quickly!

H/T Insty

UPDATE: A few links:

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Victor Davis Hanson: The Political Richter Scale

Ed Morrissey sounds the cautionary note. But then he lands a beautiful smackdown on Keith Olbermann and Howard Fineman who decided last night that Blue Massachusetts is a secret hotbed of racism.

Shrinkwrapped: The King is a Fink and The Peasants are Revolting

Don Surber: reads reactions from the left and suggest that this shatters Obama. It’s your basic meltdown

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NY Times: Voters send different message

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Harnden: Lose/lose for Dems on Healthcare

Meanwhile: The tone-deaf “smart diplomacy” goes on, although there is a little hiccup.

More talk of Pigs Flying

Joseph Bottum: Has four thoughts on last night.

Maggie’s Farm: Suggestions on healthcare reform conservatives can get behind

Gateway Pundit: Where is the love?

Denial: it flows on

Paragraph Farmer: Brown, Coakley and Andy (McCarthy and Sullivan), a good analysis.

A most revealing chart that you can save for the next time you hear that MSNBC and CNN are (per the WH) “real” news outfits, and Fox is not fair. Very interesting. And sad, too.

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