Lenten Retreat Day 6 AM

Lenten Retreat Day 6 AM March 24, 2010

Bare arms of Advent
reached out in supplication
toward an empty sky
and prayed
“open up O earth
and let the savior bud forth”

Budding arms at Lent’s closing
hail the promise of new life
hint at resurrection

Beyond the sky-dust gloom
the palest -so pale!- of lights
dense barriers rolled back
with mustard-seed strength

Piercing light
is key
the True light pierced
poured forth radiant beams
five-point illumination
light for the world
making all things new

In your light
we see light itself
and we reach
and we reach
and we reach for the light

And the light reaches back
– ES

Good morning. Alright, so I’m no poet.

Today I declare yet another Lenten Retreat Day, and I will make it a sort of online retreat, for all who wish to participate.

Just for today, to get quiet.

No politics, not even follow ups, not today.

Check back every couple of hours, and I’ll have something posted; something nice and retreat-y.

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