Catching Up – UPDATES

Catching Up – UPDATES April 1, 2010

Some interesting updates to the ongoing story of the NY Times and the Pope.

Currents TV has a telephone interview with Fr. Thomas Brundage, the priest who adjudicated the Milwaukee case in question but was never contacted by the Times, and who wrote, among other things:

“…the fact is that on the day that Father Murphy died, he was still the defendant in a church criminal trial. No one seems to be aware of this.”

What people also do not seem to be aware of is that, while the statute of limitations had run out for either civil or ecclesiastic charges to be brought against the horrific Fr. Murphy, then-Cardinal Ratzinger’s office had, in fact, waived that statute in order to launch an investigation and try Murphy in-church.

That and more is covered by Jimmy Akin in his latest Evil Monster Update, which I urge you to read in full.

Meanwhile a chatty exorcist says the devil is behind it all.

Well, there is an eternal struggle, and it is Holy Week, after all. Holiest time of the year is also when the devil rattles the cage the hardest.

Check back later. I will be scheduling a few posts and podcasts for Good Friday and Holy Saturday!

Fr. Dwight uses The N Word and The Pope, who knows from N-words is hanging in, there.

Di Marzio says “enough is enough”

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