Dems Replay May 2006 Tactic -UPDATED

Dems Replay May 2006 Tactic -UPDATED April 28, 2010

See this?

Hispanics and Democratic lawmakers furious over Arizona’s harsh crackdown on illegal immigrants expect huge weekend rallies across the United States, piling pressure on President Barack Obama to overhaul immigration laws in this election year.

Don’t kid yourselves. They were going to do this whether Arizona passed a law or not.

The Dems and the left are replaying what they did in May of 2006: organizing nationwide marches with preprinted signs (courtesy, I am sure, of A.N.S.W.E.R.) and they’re going to pull the same street theater that got the right into an screaming “send them all back, right now!” uproar in 2006, which the media and dems capitalized on, to the detriment of the right.

The left went on to win that election, and since then have you seen these “uprisings” every May 1 or May 5? Since then, in fact, has much been said or done on immigration?


Of course not. But it’s an election year, as in 2006, and the Democrats are in deep trouble. Back then, even with “Bush’s increasingly unpopular war” they were not quite sealing the deal. Playing this street theater, and the race card, helped to divide the right, weaken further weaken Bush’s support within his own party, and terrify the GOP congress; being called “racists” from the left, and “shamnesty-promoting traitors” from the right, that spineless crew decided that doing nothing was the safest bet.

As I said – unpopularlyyesterday:

Demanding a sudden and perfect solution to the problem after 30 years of relative neglect, the right chose doing nothing at all over compromising with President Bush, and so now the issue is still alive, still a potent election tool, and it is in the hands of an opposition that has already proved itself to be ruthlessly willing to do whatever it takes to win, and wholly disinterested in what polls may say.

Having demonstrated its inability to address this issue calmly and comprehensively when they had the chance, the right is being tempted to repeat its mistakes again. The provocation worked beautifully in 2006. The Dems are counting on it working well this time, and saving their majority or at least tamping down on their losses.

The right does not need to replay their reaction, though; the left is counting on the sight of nationwide rent-a-mobs and obnoxious signs to drive the right into shrill, passionate, uncompromising and self-defeating spams of hate and hysteria.

If they manage that, the left will have obliterated the images of peaceful teaparty demonstrations that they have been working so desperately to define as something else. That alone will be a huge victory for them. If the right gets really exercised and emotional about this, they will be weakened. Emotionalism does not convince people to get behind you. It makes people run in the other direction.

Keep the powder dry. This plan is one of extreme provocation, and if the right allows itself to get sucked into it all -and defined by the left and the press – then the left will have won a huge PR battle, and that is the win they want.

Bookworm has more thoughts.


A little O/T, but only a little. Isn’t it just damn strange how Democrats in power seem to be incapable of doing anything, anymore, but cry “racism” at every turn? This is not the sign of a party (or an ideology) secure in itself.

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