Morning Plots & Errands

Morning Plots & Errands April 29, 2010

Isn’t that great? Reader Brian J (who also made the Nun News Network graphic and the Rush/Bullock/Baseball one) sent that over and I love it. In terms of who is in or out, I have always been “out” and my advice on pretty much anything is worth about a nickle, so it’s right-on in every way.

This morning is going about working at a local hospital, as I mentioned here.

Then, I will be dedicating some serious time toward developing two ideas we have talked about here:

1) Funding scholarships for DC students who have been negatively-impacted by Obama & the Congress, who defunded the charter school scholarships program, in a kowtow to the teacher’s unions.

2) Brainstorming the logistics of both collecting and then delivering some baseball equipment, toys and books to the kids in Petit Goave, Haiti. I look at those two beautiful children every morning and chide myself for not getting it done yet.

I’ve had discouraging news on both fronts, lately; the scholarship idea is surprisingly complicated, and it seems that in Haiti, unless you have trustworthy people personally delivering stuff, packages will never reach their destination; thieves get to it first.

But I have a couple of ideas, and I need to spend a little time plotting them out.

All of this is by way of saying, if your comment does not show up immediately, please don’t post it ten times. That just gets you marked as spam, and then your stuff goes into the spam filter, possibly never to be found again, if I’m not in the mood to go through it. Comments that fell into moderation will be released when I get back!

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