Mary Anne Marks, Harvard ’10 -UPDATED

Mary Anne Marks, Harvard ’10 -UPDATED June 24, 2010

This is really charming, and comes our way thanks to reader Jenny, whose son graduated from Harvard University (motto: Veritas ) last month, with this young woman, Mary Anne Marks.

Ms. Marks, a classics and English joint concentrator hailing from Queens, NY, chose to give her salutatory address in Latin; and manages to be engaging and lively with this “dead” language:

You can read read the speech, here.

Come the fall, this gifted, confident and serene young women will head to Ann Arbor, Michigan to try her vocation as a Dominican Sister of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (aka the “Oprah” sisters).

Lifelong study is a core feature of the Dominican charism (motto: Veritas) and the DSMME’s are attracting many bright stars to their order. Recently Sr. Mary Elizabeth Merriam received her doctoral degree after defending her dissertation in electrical engineering.

Let’s wish the best to Ms. Marks!

Turns out, Mary Anne is one of Deacon Greg’s parishioners!

Meanwhile, another Dominican Community–this time the cloistered nuns of Summit, NJ–welcome a new postulant to join their crowded novitiate!

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