My lovely cheap wine glasses

My lovely cheap wine glasses March 30, 2011

That’s a picture of our “last supper” in Rome – on the balcony, overlooking the Area Sacra, where Caesar was slain. Cheese, sweet plums, the fluffiest rosemary bread, wine and biscuits:

After returning home, my husband and I tried very hard to hang on to as much of Italy as we could.

I made ante pasta; we took walks; we ate more fruit! Every supper included a glass of wine and concluded with a cup of espresso…

As winter came, the ante pasta and the walks went by-the-by, but we’ve mostly hung on to having a glass of wine with supper – and espresso, after. We’ve read enough about the health benefits of wine (and, it seems, coffee) to justify our incorporating the stuff into our lives.

I am a terrible drinker, and two glasses of wine will put me to sleep — one on an empty stomach will have me swinging from chandeliers — and our giant-and-delicate wine goblets, the ones that shatter if you breathe too near them, were not practical for daily use by a hapless girl like me. Tired of the breakage, I looked around on Amazon and found these cheap all-purpose wine glasses, with which I am ridiculously pleased.

They’re cheap, but they’re just the right size and weight, and if you break one, it’s no big whoop.

But naturally, because they are cheap, they’re standing up to my clumsiness as though they were made of bronze.

I don’t mind. They come in a set of 12, so for once my table will have matching wine glasses.

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