iConfess video contest

iConfess video contest April 5, 2011

A few weeks ago, marveling at the sad, guilty dog, I wrote about the Brooklyn Diocese’s video scholarship contest:

In an effort to help promote New York’s All Day Confessions event, happening Monday April 18th, The Diocese of Brooklyn in conjunction with both the Archdiocese of New York and Diocese of Rockville Centre are launching a grassroots digital campaign called i-Confess. Using both social and digital media, the goal of this campaign is to generate interest in the act of Confession throughout New York State.

Looks like Bad Catholic has his eye on the prize. His entry is pretty good…I really like the reversals, especially the house:


My favorite image of the mercy of God is this one from Isaiah 38:17: “…you have saved me from the pit of destruction, when you cast behind your back, all of my sins.”

That would be a pretty cool video, too, if one could manage it.


And for something completely different, via Mary’s Aggies:

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