What the Hell is WRONG with these people? – UPDATED

What the Hell is WRONG with these people? – UPDATED December 17, 2011

What the hell is wrong with people? What the hell were these parents thinking? What was the school thinking? Is self-respect a concept utterly lost to this country?

These “adults” — school administrators and parents — clearly need to have their heads banged together until the stupid falls out:

As reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a recent winter sports pep rally at Rosemount (Minn.) High featured a comedy skit which took advantage of unknowing captains of the various winter varsity squads. After the team captains walked into the gym blindfolded, they were told that they were going to be kissed by a special someone, and then were asked to guess who it was that kissed them.

You can see full video footage of the pep rally incident here, but beware, there are some moments that veer into “make out” territory and can come across as pretty inappropriate.

It turns out that the person who kissed the athletes — in every circumstance — was their own opposite sex parent. While no one has questioned the comedic intentions of the prank, the stunt itself has still drawn plenty of criticism not for the student athletes, but for what the parents did in executing the practical joke. As you can see above, some of the parents took their roles as “special someones” to a level that left many onlookers feeling uncomfortable and even queasy.

Queasy hell, I watched the video; it’s full-on disgusting. Incest Surprise! Let’s normalize incest, now!

It’s like a Jersey Shore mentality has infected the whole damn nation. The mother who puts her son’s hand on her butt? Har-har! What a joke.

This crap is so classless even my mother and her earthier relatives — who were not averse to doing a little bump-and-grind after the Brandy Alexanders — would be appalled!

The parents who agreed to do this, and were such enthusiastic participants? Creeps. Creeps.

I just want to take a hose to the whole boiling of them and then set loose the dogs.

Forget the sex-and-incest vibe;
it’s too creepy to dwell on. Ponder what sort of parents would want to embarrass their kids publicly like this, what sort of school would think so little of their student’s human dignity?

Is the whole nation full of people willing to do anything to feel noticed? To feel “cool”?

If that’s “cool” then to hell with it, I say. And my kids — the coolest people I know — would say to hell with it, too. But then we did raise up some genuine non-conformists.

This is a mindset that is light-years away from anything I can understand. And we’re supposed to somehow take comfort in the fact that — because people who were offended actually complained — the school “won’t repeat” that funny prank! No one seems to be asking some important questions:

1) If no one had complained, would anyone in authority at the school actually understood WHY this was a bad idea?

2) Who were the teachers/advisors of this activity? Will they be suspended, or reprimanded or sent for some sort of sensitivity training? No one loses a job over this?

Meanwhile, in another great decision in another great school, some students were just handed one-day suspensions. You know what for? TEBOWING!

Great values and priorities, don’t you think? These are the people teaching in our public schools? That explains a lot!

Deacon Greg a line from the story
that didn’t quite register at first:

Besides stupefied, you can also describe me as nauseated. Give that last line a gander, will you? “None of the students or parents involved in the kissing antics complained about the routine at all…” Let that sink in.

Of course not. No one wants to willingly go there, especially not in public. To say “I freaked out when I found out my father put his tongue in my mouth” would mean to follow it up with, “and now either I or he must leave the household.”

And what jock is going to say, “finding out my mother was straddling me in front of all of my friends is wrecking me…”

No, man, that’s not cool. To complain would only bring trouble, to everyone — the family, the school, the teachers.

It’s always the same with incest, even “fun” incest. The victim keeps quiet, so as not to further rock their own world.

And really, that means this isn’t just creepy. It’s evil.

Max Lindenman goes funny and grim
all over this story.

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