Cinescape Very Cool: Editing as “Filmic Poetry”

Cinescape Very Cool: Editing as “Filmic Poetry” February 27, 2013

Elder Son sent this video to me with this note: Matt Shapiro, does a thing every year called Cinescape, where he compiles clips of films from all over that year and strings bits together. It’s fast-moving in a way that in any other context you might find jarring, but in this case it feels so seamless that I think you won’t mind it. You don’t watch it trying to figure out what’s happening in each clip, so much as to observe how they fit together. I can’t think of a better way to describe it than “filmic poetry.”

It’s really, really…pretty wonderful! Much better than that mess of a James Bond tribute shown the other night at the Oscars. Check it out.

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