Francis Confounds the Associated Press

Francis Confounds the Associated Press September 20, 2013

Via Matthew Schmitz’ twitter feed, where he notes a sense of “disorientation.”

I can just hear the mainstream secular press.

WAIT! WHAT? I thought we had a read on this guy! He was gonna shut up about abortion, already! Next day he’s telling doctors not to perform them, and sayin’ each aborted kid has the face of Christ? WHAT? That’s like the WORST THING HE COULD SAY when people are actually listening!

This feels like Charlie Brown and Lucy and the Football! It’s almost like he’s teasing us, like he just wants to get everyone’s attention and then he’s going to sneak stuff like that in there? Don’t play with us, Pope!

But at least he said money is the root of all evil, so, good. We can work with that! He’s a liberation theologian, right? Right? He’s not going to turn around tomorrow and say that God even loves the wealthy is he? He’s not going to say something dumb like Joseph of Arimathea models a wealthy person who uses his riches and influence to further the will of God, or something he is? Don’t TEASE us, Pope! Don’t shake our faith in you! You are the us we’ve been waiting for!!!”

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