Biblical Rape Laws Explained

Biblical Rape Laws Explained December 31, 2010

While checking out some new sites, I discovered a blog called I Love Charts.  There’s a lot of funny stuff there, but nothing that I liked better than the one below, an easy to understand summary of biblical rape laws.  In case you doubt its veracity, you can read them for yourselves in Deuteronomy 22.

Click here for a more readable version.


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  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it. As an atheist, you believe that the Old Testament is just made up stuff used to justify a land grab.

    Still is, to hear the atheists tell it.

    So why be Jewish at all?

    Given your take on it, its nothing to be proud of, and considering all the raping, looting, and screwing non Jews that went on, you have probably have no more relation to Jewish characters than a Chinaman.

    Jews I know are pushing racism.

    D. Duke

  • Anonymous

    Is that the D. Duke?