Jackie Mason Has Opinions

Jackie Mason Has Opinions January 3, 2017

Two straight days of blogging here. The impending inauguration must be messing with me.

I thought I’d share something that I received from some “helpful” Jewish supporters of Trump who thought that this would somehow bring me around.

It’s a video made by that great Jewish leader Jackie Mason in which he takes on Hollywood for its pretty much mass denunciation of Trump. Displaying what may be a never-before-experienced degree of hypocrisy, he rails against their low character (really!) and disrespect for our new Orange Overlord.

I can only surmise that he missed the constant drumbeat of “Obama is a Kenyan Muslim traitorous founder of ISIS,” much of it generated by President-Elect Birther von Pussygrabber himself.

Sorry I had to link it from Breitbart, but no one else has it. It really must be seen to be believed. It’s truly extraordinary.

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