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Rabbi Jeffrey L. Falick serves as the Secular Humanistic Rabbi at The Birmingham Temple Congreationa for Humanistic Judaism in Michigan.

Visit the congregation’s website, birminghamtemple.org, for more information.

Welcome & Statement Of Principles

Welcome to the Blog Page of Jeffrey L. Falick, Secular Humanistic Rabbi

Presenting a secular, humanistic, non-theistic, rational approach to Judaism, Israel and the world. 

My core principles (from The Society for Humanistic Judaism):

  • A Jew is someone who identifies with the history, culture, and future of the Jewish people;
  • Judaism is the historic culture of the Jewish people, and religion is only one part of that culture;
  • Jewish identity is best preserved in a free, pluralistic environment;
  • People possess the power and responsibility to shape their own lives independent of supernatural authority;
  • Ethics and morality should serve human needs, and choices should be based upon consideration of the consequences of actions rather than pre-ordained rules or commandments;
  • Jewish history, like all history, is a human saga, a testament to the significance of human power and human responsibility. Biblical and other traditional texts are the products of human activity and are best understood through archaeology and other scientific analysis.
  • The freedom and dignity of the Jewish people must go hand in hand with the freedom and dignity of every human being.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions on this blog are my own and, unless otherwise indicated, do not reflect the views of people, institutions or organizations with which I am affiliated. This blog is not affiliated with, neither does it represent the views, positions or attitudes of my employers, friends, family or acquaintances.

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