Hey Fatso!

Hey Fatso! January 5, 2011

Being self-conscious about my own lifelong struggle with excess weight, I wasn’t going to post anything about the Conservapedia “featured article” on atheism and obesity.  It’s stunningly stupid.  On top of that it’s mean spirited and condescending.

I changed my mind when I saw this video on Pharyngula. It’s a really funny rebuttal to the imbecilic article by video blogger Rebecca Watson, better known as Skepchick.


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  • Anonymous

    I guess if you’re an agnostic your weight fluctuates. And as a Deist, I can gain weight but act as if I am thin!

    The Reform Deist

  • I got as far as the list of overweight atheists. This is asinine. Rampant obesity among evangelicals is an observable phenomenon; they even acknowledge it themselves. They just don’t give a crap, because Jesus is returning soon to give them new bodies.