More Vatican Sexual Dysfunction

More Vatican Sexual Dysfunction February 27, 2011

The Vatican is confirming widespread rape and sexual abuse of nuns by priests in at least 23 countries:

Confidential Vatican reports obtained by the National Catholic Reporter, a weekly magazine in the US, have revealed that members of the Catholic clergy have been exploiting their financial and spiritual authority to gain sexual favours from nuns, particularly those from the Third World who are more likely to be culturally conditioned to be subservient to men.

The reports, some of which are recent and some of which have been in circulation for at least seven years, said that such priests had demanded sex in exchange for favours, such as certification to work in a given diocese.

Last July, pea-brained Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, was going around blaming the rampant pedophilia in the priesthood on homosexuals.

I wonder how he’ll blame this one on the gays.

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