While Others Just…Uh…Have Happy Time With Themselves On Playgrounds

While Others Just…Uh…Have Happy Time With Themselves On Playgrounds March 1, 2011

Another homophobic right wing loonatic preacher has been arrested for a sex crime.  This time it’s Grant Storms of New Orleans.  I’ve never heard of him, but he’s a local legend over there, best known for his obnoxious protests at Southern Decadence, the gay pride event.

Storms, 53, of 2304 Green Acres Road in Metairie, was taken into custody at Lafreniere Park after two women reported seeing him masturbating in the driver’s seat of his van, which was parked near the carousel and playground, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office report said.

The first woman told deputies she was taking her children to the playground and parked next to the van at about noon. As she was walking around her own vehicle, she noticed the van windows were down and the occupant was “looking at the playground area that contained children playing, with his zipper down…,” the report said. The woman noted that he was masturbating and quickly ushered her children out of her car.

Another source reports that he’s awfully sorry and that he knows he’s a big old hypocrite and he’s got a porno problem and would we just please let him have his privacy.  Well, Rev, considering the troubles you’ve caused others, the answer to that request would be no.

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  • Anonymous

    People who bash people deserve to get bashed. Has anyone checked this guy’s home and computer for kiddie porn??

    The Reform Deist