Homohater Fosser Fram

Homohater Fosser Fram January 5, 2012

Once again Iowa has held its ridiculous caucuses allowing a microscopic number of people to determine the trajectory of our presidential primaries.  This year only 5.4% of registered Republicans showed up and most of them were from the most fundamentalist evangelical communities.

I guess Romney’s pandering worked, though those eight (!) votes that put him over the top cost him a bucketload of money.

The big story that drew all of the headlines was Santorum.  He will never be president and when all is said and done, Mr. “Gay Sex = Man on Dog Sex” will go down in history as one big punchline.  But narrow-minded Iowa Republicans made his week.

I don’t speak a word of Norwegian, but this headline from the website dagbladet.no pretty much sums up my opinion of Santorum:

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  • That’s a hilarious tag line! The best translation would probably be “homohater surges ahead” – I just wish American papers had the guts to print such a headline!