My Conversation with Kristen Hatten

My Conversation with Kristen Hatten April 18, 2018

Media outlets Jezebel and Huffington Post have written hit pieces about former-pro-life-advocate-turned-racist Kristen Hatten that commit outright libel against the pro-life movement in general and New Wave Feminists in particular. I won’t link to them because they don’t deserve the clicks, but you can find them if you Google.

But the pieces in question have brought the topic back to pro-life and Catholic conversations on Facebook, and it seems some people are still defending Hatten despite clear evidence of her racist beliefs.

In the interests of full disclosure, as I’ve referenced this conversation on several discussion threads, I am sharing the PM conversation I had with Hatten when I first saw the evidence of her racists beliefs for myself. Before unfriending her, I wanted to find out from her, directly, if she really did espouse these beliefs.

I was hoping I was wrong, and maybe her accounts had gotten hacked or hijacked or some other unlikely explanation. Sadly, she affirmed her racist beliefs to me. This was our conversation:

Normally I wouldn’t share Facebook PM conversations publicly without the permission of everyone involved. However, after her last message, she ceased the conversation and blocked me on both Facebook and Messenger, so I was unable to ask her for her permission. I did try reaching out via Twitter, but I was ignored there, too.

However, since Hatten has essentially become a public figure — and since I’ve had numerous inquiries regarding the content of my conversation with her — I felt it was important to put the information out there so people could judge for themselves if her comments are, in fact, racist.

I believe they are. Her insistence that immigrants with non-Caucasian-names be deported is reprehensible. Does that include people like Imaculee Ilibagiza? Satya Nadella? Jagdish Bhagwati?

Her talk about her “culture” being threatened has clear ties to white nationalism, the adherents of which routinely beat the “white culture is under attack” drum.

As Catholics, it is crucial that we identify and denounce these harmful ideologies whenever we witness them.

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