nuns on the run…

nuns on the run… October 6, 2011

…. today’s installment of nun gazing brought to you by Stephanie Richer.


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  • Anonymous

    That habit says RSM of Alma to me…but in b&w it looks so nostalgic!

  • The funny thing is, I have memories of nuns actually wearing habits. I was maybe eleven or twelve and going to a different school when the teaching sisters at our parish put on pantsuits (1975-76), so I couldn’t tell you exactly when the switch happened. But it was as though nuns had disappeared from the face of the earth.

  • Pat

    This picture makes me so happy 😀 Thanks, I needed this!

  • Annette Heidmann

    I really need to read your blog more regularly — I wait too long, and then I sit here reading post after post and just giggling like a fool. 😀