why I am pro-life and not anti-abortion…

why I am pro-life and not anti-abortion… November 16, 2011

… It follows reason, if news reporting agencies are careful not to show the public graphic images out of respect for the dead and their viewers why won’t the more fanatical pro-life advocates afford the same dignity to aborted babies? There is no respect for the person-hood of those deceased infants by displaying their aborted corpses to the public. It’s disgusting.

If you want to visually make the statement that abortion is the murder of a very real person you’d be more convincing [and compassionate] to show fetal development images and pass out information on the statistics of depression/suicide/drug use of post-abortive mothers. Women need that information more than they need gore and extreme shock tactics. I know.

A much more dramatic and life affirming image

Expanding on this, Jennifer Fulwiler writes; “Thrusting pictures of aborted babies in people’s faces seems unlikely to convert people and… feed[s] the cultural message that these unborn children are less deserving of respect and dignity than other human beings.”

No one is doubting the well meaning intentions of those who use these graphic images to let the public know that abortion is evil. They are passionate about something we should be passionately against. However, the use and exploitation of the dead to promote an agenda – whether it’s one you are for or against – is plainly wrong and strips the victims of the dignity they deserve. It is also the antithesis of promoting a respect for life. Life is no longer the agenda, anti-abortion is in this instance. This is where I draw the distinction between the two and distance myself from those who use more graphic and disturbing tactics.

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