Strike that – this news makes me positivily giddy…

Strike that – this news makes me positivily giddy… April 20, 2012

… On reconsideration, perhaps this should be my ‘Feel Good Friday’ featured link. Leah Libresco just made me as happy as a little girl.

A museum in Italy has started burning its artworks in protest at budget cuts which it says have left cultural institutions out of pocket.

“Our 1,000 artworks are headed for destruction anyway because of the government’s indifference,” he said. “The survival of the museum is such an important cause that it justifies the despicable, and painful, act of destroying a work of art,” he told the BBC.

Mr Manfredi plans to burn three paintings a week from now on, in a protest he has dubbed “Art War”.

Kill it with fire!

Before you cry “Oh no! Artwork in Italy is being burned!” realize I said this was a feel good story with a happy ending. The “artwork”, it’s from *he he he* The Casoria Contemporary Art Musuem.

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  • Now this is an alternative fuel source I can get behind!

  • Fr. Cory Sticha

    Can we recommend which pieces should go next?

  • worm

    If he really cared, he would have recycled instead of emitting greenhouse gasses and polutants into the air.

    • Ed

      Amen.  Burn baby burn! 

  • ds

    Well, I generally like contemporary art because even though I don’t “get” a lot of it, it does make me look at the world and think in a different way.

    And I guess it doesn’t surprise me that you wouldn’t like it because from what I’ve read here you prefer art that supports the notions you brought to the table, and when it doesn’t reflect what you already think you know you snarkily tear it down.

    BTW the link in your header to your More Than Mortal Beauty column is broken.  At first I thought it was 404ing just b/c you misspelled your own column in the URL
    ( moral???)
    but it looks like it’s also cuz patheos changed the URL on you: 

    • You just hate to see me happy. 

      • Tcn

         Actually, it sounds more like he just likes to feel superior. His mind is so open, his brains may have actually fallen out. But I can’t swear to that. 😉

  • DLe

    I wouldn’t mind the remelting and recycling of the bronze sculpture of Blessed Pope John Paul II by Termini train station…

  • MissJean

    The fact that they’re burning it tells me they don’t value it at all.   I’m curious about how they’re prioritizing what they burn.  I like contemporary art, but like any period, there’s a lot of bad art. 

    If you don’t like it, Kat, then you are in good company.  I had two separate conversations with French docents in Paris this past summer in which I was told how refreshing it was that young people liked modern and contemporary art.  The French don’t like it nearly as well as one would think; e.g. not fans of Chagall’s ceiling in the opera house.

    However, that’s not necessarily bad.  Julian Spalding, the eminent curator and critic, indicated that rejecting contemporary art was a perfectly reasonable response to it.  🙂