A Tragedy Should Not Be A Time For Political Opportunism…

A Tragedy Should Not Be A Time For Political Opportunism… July 20, 2012

… Regarding the shooting in Colorado; let’s get two things perfectly clear.

1- A criminal, by the very definition of the word, does not respect laws.
2- A person intent on murder is not going to let laws keep him from the task at hand.

Making guns illegal to own is not going to prevent criminals from committing crimes… because they are criminals, see? Crim•i•nals. As in people who violate and disregard laws. Gun laws. Any laws. Laws do not apply to criminals or else they would be law abiding citizens. See how that works?

That’s like blaming Vodka for drunk driving fatalities and endorsing prohibition. Ah, prohibition… good times, good times.

Don’t you hate it when people get all politically opportunistic whenever there is a tragedy, or even worse, report the news wrong in their haste to cast blame?

Our first thoughts should be for the victims; not the shooter’s political party, religion, or race, and why in the world was a 3 month old infant and a six year old girl out at a midnight viewing of a rated R movie [which I wondered]. I understand it is a human reaction, looking for clues and motivators help us understand senseless acts such as this. However, in our search to make sense out of this terrible terrible event it’s important to not let the media manipulate our thinking and whip us into a frenzy.

Just pray. And pray some more. And when you’re done, pray one more time.

In related news; those evil “hate mongers“, Chil-Fil-A, are providing free meals to the police and investigative crews at the scene of the shooting.

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