God Wrote Code and It Was A Good Day …

God Wrote Code and It Was A Good Day … May 21, 2013

… Do you ever just wake up in those strange moods where you are phenomenally grateful for your certainty in the existence of God? Where everything you see and experience directly points back to His omnipotence like a thousand flashing neon signs? And you think, duh… who can possible not believe in God?

I mean, look at that sky. That tumultuous storm brewing on the horizon and the leaves on the trees turning over in anticipation the rain. And you just know, that’s no accident. The nature of that tree and it’s connection to the atmosphere… that right there was perfectly designed. And for something to be designed there must be a creator.

This life, this world and everything in it is no happy accident. We are no more formed from nothingness than you can expect to build a house by tossing brick and mortar randomly into the air. Clearly everything that inhabits this earth and sky is too intricately detailed and interconnected to suggest anything otherwise.

To those looking for proof, simply spend time outdoors closely observing. Take up hobbies with a scientific slant, like botany or anatomy. Or simply study Geometry. As Euclid pointed out, “the laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God”.

It’s like God wrote code.

Video H/T to HJMW

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