What Is Going On Behind The Scenes At Disney…

What Is Going On Behind The Scenes At Disney… September 1, 2013

… Here’s my theory, and I have lots of theories. But I can’t help but wonder, what in the world is going on behind the scenes at Disney? The rate in which their child actors spiral out of control is utterly alarming. There is something going on. But what? And how dark?

Of course I have no substantiated proof that it’s anything more than that toxic combination of fame and narcissism, but my gut tells me there is something more. Something possibly darker.

Firstly, I view any organization that has built it’s entire empire off children with suspicion. One thing that bothers me immensely about Disney is it concerted efforts to remove children from the influence of their parents. Look at the programming. Some of the most popular shows on the Disney channel right now involve unsupervised children acting “older than their chronological age” with absentee parents.

Jessie – kids raised my a nanny and a butler.
Ant Farm – takes place in school (convenient) with no teacher supervision, only the occasional appearance of a malevolent principal.
Austin & Alley – kids running around a mall, again unsupervised. Sometimes dad shows up. Most times not.
Shake It Up – I still haven’t figured this show out. Is it about truancy? Skipping school to dance? Huh?
Gravity Fall – kids spending the summer under the sporadic supervision of a con-artist gruncle. Gruncle?

You get the idea. Parents are lame. So lame in fact that they are minor or non-existent characters in the shows.

Now let’s look at the fruit of Disney stardom…

Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and most recently Miley Cyrus. In my heart of hearts I can’t help but suspect that Disney grooms children for public consumption like a pedophile grooms its victims. Why are so many Disney child actors going off the rails and committing suicide? Starting all the way back from the days of Bobby Driscoll, you can see that working at Disney can be a hazardous profession.

Hollywood in general has long been held under the suspicion of using the practice of the casting couch, yes, even for children. Many actors have come out exposing the practice. Roman Polansky, Cory Haim, Alison Arngrim, Marty Weiss (who actually has connections with Disney), and even Mario Puzo’s fictional character Jack Woltz in the Godfather all point to the very real problem of pedophilia in the entertainment business.

And then there’s Disney, brimming over with a fresh supply on new young talent. Talent that has consistently found itself on self destruct mode. Make of it what you will. Between that and being notorious for including sexual innuendos in their productions, Disney and its influence should be kept as far away from your family as possible.

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