Diet Update: Week Two…

Diet Update: Week Two… October 6, 2013

… Eat all the gravy. Stab all the people.

I’m so bored with it. I miss food. I just enjoy eating too much. Savory comfort foods. Spicy ethnic dishes in rich creams. Sweet tea and butter biscuits. I’ve traded all that I love for carrot sticks and cardboard seasoned with a side of sawdust.

I’ve just never eaten like this before – solely for the sake of avoiding starvation and scurvy. I’ve taken something I enjoy and turned it into a tedious, loveless chore. I suppose this is how couples who are trying to conceive feel about sex after awhile. Blah.

And let’s talk about serving sizes. I learned a hard lesson last weekend when I decided to reward my myself for a week well done with a frozen pizza. I use “reward” loosely. The pizza was some whole grain abomination that tasted only slightly better than the box it came in. Crazy me, I thought one small pizza = one serving. Only when I went to enter the meal into my food diary did I realize a single serving was only 1/3 of a pizza.

The pizza was my only failure in the past seven days. And again, I really do feel fantastic and have more energy. But I am so utterly miserable mourning the loss of food.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, I gained two pounds.

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