Parent Shaming and $3M Dollar Shelves Disguised As Art…

Parent Shaming and $3M Dollar Shelves Disguised As Art… January 30, 2014

In today’s Shitty Art News… parents let kid climb on 3 million dollar Ikea shelves. Parents and child immediately shamed on Twitter by uppity Brooklyn gallery owner.

The shelving installation disguised as art is the only horrible thing I see in this photo. I don’t know, the poor kid just looks bored and maybe the parents were just distracted or didn’t recognize it for art or any number of scenarios we simply can’t tell from this single photo. The internet shaming gallery owner stated the parents got defensive when she confronted them, but who really knows. We weren’t there.

Anyway, has it come to this? Don’t do anything remotely silly or questionable in public folks, lest you be publicly shamed and told by people who don’t know a thing about you that you should never breed or wear ugly hats or something.

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  • Jane Meep

    Exactly. If it’s not interactive, you need to make that clear. (This actually looks like an architectural detail. I’m surprised people weren’t using it to park their drinks on.)