Granny’s and Southern Gospel, Two of My Favorite Things…

Granny’s and Southern Gospel, Two of My Favorite Things… June 7, 2014

… When I think of my Granny, eternal rest grant her, I remember a woman who rarely spoke, laughed a lot, and was always humming.

She taught me the necessity of slowing down long enough to let the sun warm your skin. She also showed me life was full of simple pleasures to be enjoyed right now. This very moment.

Things like the cold sweetness of a glass of tea, the scent of honeysuckle blowing in on a warm breeze, the rustle and wave of wild grass, and the haunting stir of good Southern gospel music will always bring her back to me.

When I grow up I want to be just like her.

Right now I’m too young and head strong. Foolish. I’m rash to judgement, quick to speak, and oft to grumble. My word I miss her.

In the meantime I can console my longing by closing my eyes and imagining her right here humming along to this song.

Thanks to Elizabeth Scalia for sharing this on facebook and allowing me to “visit” Granny this morning.

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