So You Want To Be A Blogger…

So You Want To Be A Blogger… December 30, 2014

… Answering reader email.

Dear Crescat,

I started a blog a few months ago and already I’m struggling with staying motivated and finding fresh material to write about. I heard some writers have certain rituals or routines. I’ve also been told it’s important to keep a designated writing space available. What’s your creative space look like?

Bummed Blogger

Dear Bummed,

My designated writing space is anywhere in my home where the wifi reception isn’t interrupted by the lead based paint in the walls and I can manage a few blissful moments of solitude before someone starts begging for food and attention.

On a good night, my typical work space looks something like this.

my work space

But most often than not, this is my “creative environment.”

every time

So my advice to you is, “good luck with that.”

Happy writing,
The Crescat

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