Is it a Church or a Bar, Who Knows…

Is it a Church or a Bar, Who Knows… August 12, 2015

… They’re opening another church in my area. At least that’s what I think it is. It’s really kind of hard to tell. It’s called The Wave and if it weren’t for the sign that says “worship community coming soon” I might think it was just another bar.

The Wave, A Worship Community. I wonder what they’ll be worshiping. The sea? Is it the Cult of Neptune? Maybe it’s the Church of Cthulhu where they worship the ancient ones. There’s no other information for me to go on other than an ambiguous sounding name and some abstract symbol of a wave.

Maybe they mean The Wave in the sense of a welcoming gesture. Plausible, but who really knows. Personally, I think they are just trying to fit in as the new kid on the block that’s in competition with other trendy ambiguously sounding non-denominational houses of worship.

My favorite local church, though, is Journey Church.


I’ve personally never been to Journey Church. I’m afraid if do it will fall miserably short of my expectations and what I have pictured in my head.

play some freebird

No, it’s better this way. Journey Church will live on in my imagination.

Then there’s Mosaic, Elevation, and The Cove. Not as cool sounding as Journey Church, but still little in the name or the logo itself suggests these are Christian organizations.



the cove

Isn’t it strange? In lands where there is Christian persecution people are ripping the crosses right off the roofs of churches and here in the USA we voluntarily remove them. Elevation church doesn’t have a cross out front, they have a large neon pole – like a Vegas stripper pole.

If you can’t put the word “Church” on your sign and proudly display a cross outside, I have no intention of ever setting foot inside. When the focus is on community it implies a lack of focus on Christ.

But seriously, a Journey Church would be awesome.

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