Ten Years is a Long Run…

Ten Years is a Long Run… December 2, 2015

… Ten years ago I sat down and wrote my first blog post. My intended audience was simply a few family members who had questions about Catholicism as I went through the RCIA process. They wanted to know what exactly I was converting to. Actually, I think they thought I was joining a cult and just wanted some reassurance.

Over the years a small readership grew and I enjoyed having a little fun with my writing. I held contests, hosted giveaways, and celebrated the beauty of the Church, sprinkled in with a little self deprecating humor. Occasionally I even wrote stuff that was regretfully stupid. Ah, good times.

As the blog gained popularity, I was asked to join Patheos for a chance to write for an even wider, more diverse, audience. I accepted the challenge and have been here two years. Maybe three. Or has it been four? My point is, I’ve been blogging for a very, very long time.

But now it’s time to move on. Ten years is a long run.


There are other things in my life I love as much as writing – reading, drawing, burning dinner, spending time with son, having quiet time alone, hiking with my dog, binge watching nerdy sci-fi shows, and drinking wine. Granted I can do all the aforementioned things while drinking wine, but for the most part writing and the time online it required prevented from fully enjoying the other activities.

So now what?

I’m not entirely sure. The technicalities behind what to do with my archives is still being worked out, but if they were lost forever … eh.

I don’t think I’ll return to regular blogging, at least not right now, even over at Blogger where The Crescat was born. Maybe I’ll do an article here and there for other publications or see if I can get a regular column. Maybe I’ll write that book I was approached about. We will have to see what the future has in store. What God has in store.

I am grateful for Elizabeth Scalia’s mentoring and the friendship of other writers in the blogging community. The team at Patheos Catholic is an honest to goodness great gang, always ready to offer prayer in times of need and to provide professional support and encouragement. I wish them the best success.

December 31st ends my tenure here. I’m looking forward to a new year full of new opportunities to grow professionally and, most importantly, to nurture my faith away from the negative distractions and influences of the internet and the ego feeding machine that is blog.

I’m 40 now. It’s time for me to grow up and graduate from playing a Catholic online to actually being a better one in real life.

That’s it. That all she wrote.


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Ten Years is a Long Run…
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Ten Years is a Long Run…

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