June 13, 2012

… I have tremendous respect for our religious. I mean, that lifestyle is not for wussies. Catholicism is punk rock, y’all. I stayed with a community for 2 weeks once and after the second day I was nothing more than a lazy presence floating about their halls, showing up for noon prayers and only reappearing hours later at Vespers. And bored. Lord, was I bored. But not those gals; up at 3:30 am praying and milking cows and doing chores and praying some more. I was exhausted just watching them hurry about.

Up at 3:30 am every day. Every. Day. Never sleeping in. Ever. I wonder if they have ever been known to fake an illness just to sneak in a few extra hours of sleep in the morning, like when I used to pretend to be constipated and hide in the bathroom so my ex-husband would have to change the baby’s diaper.

So yeah, I’m obviously not cut from the same cloth as members of the religious community. It only means, though, I am even more in awe of the commitment and love it takes to chose to live the life of serving God. My goodness, I don’t even think my parish priests ever rests! My son and were talking about this yesterday; how hard Father works. Again, exhausted at the mere thought.

I’m always thrilled to learn of areas that are seeing an increase in vocations. God bless them. The more people praying for the rest of us lazy schleps the better.

Hug all nuns. Pray for all priests.

June 6, 2012

… I contend there is no other religion more manly and burly and punk rock than Catholicism. I know Google forgot, but today is D Day. Eh, they’re a bunch of commies anyway. To honor the occasion and the grit that makes up Catholic priests I offer you these images to consider.

Fr. Francis L. Sampson blesses the dead
Fr. Sampson of Sioux Falls, S.D., gives absolution to American paratroopers killed in action, in Saint Marie Dumont, France, U.S. Army Photo, 7 June 1944 (Note that bodies are wrapped in parachutes)

Read the bio of Fr. Sampson here.

Photographed by Frank Scherschel - Priest administering Last Rites and the Eucharist to a soldier in France
photographed by Frank Scherschel- A priest says mass in the dappled sunlight of France

Source – Before and After D Day – Rare Color Photos. See all 26.

I love our priests.

May 21, 2009

… I caught myself singing in the shower this morning for the first time in over a month; it made me smile. I lost 16 lbs this month; that also made me smile. Kids love punk rock; it’s good for burning off all that extra energy… mine especially loves minor threat and operation ivy.

…speaking of music; Firefox has an add-on call fire.fm.

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