the stuff that priests are made of …

the stuff that priests are made of … August 31, 2009

[photo source] 4 June 1962. Navy chaplain Luis Padillo was giving last rites to dying soldiers as sniper fire surrounded him. A wounded soldier pulled himself up by clinging to the priest’s cassock, as bullets chewed up the concrete around them. Hector Rondón Lovera, who had to lie flat to avoid getting shot, later said that he was unsure how he managed to take this picture. [See all pictures he took that day]. Norman Rockwell eeriely used this photograph as a template for his Southern Justice painting, “Murder in Mississippi“.

Thanks, Lucian, for the link.

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  • Anonymous

    What a powerful photo!!!Angela

  • Bravo.

  • I'd like for hundreds of people to see this. Is there a Facebook link to post this?

  • Melina

    Heartbreaking. God bless our priests and soldiers.

  • " The Children of God are ours to protect, if we have to fight, we fight!', Kiril Lakota speaking during the conclave in the 'Shoes of the Fisherman'"This must be one of the few depictions which actualy capture the essence of the Priestly state. The image of one so helpless, (us)clinging to the person of the priest(Christ) speaks volumes and delevers a panageric more powerful and more eloquent than the words that fall from the saintly lips of the Holy Father himself.It strikes a cord with me and, quite honestly, Im sure with many others. Thank you for posting this!

  • WOW!

  • Hi,Thank you for posting this picture. Just want to make a correction his last name was Padilla, he was my hubby's uncle and father figure. I met him briefly before he died and he was a noble and wonderful man.

  • Really cool.