anyone reading this blog is not practicing custody of the eyes…

anyone reading this blog is not practicing custody of the eyes… August 31, 2009

… every so often circumstance dictates that I must resurrect certain posts. The “circumstance” in this instance being Exhibit A and Exhibit B

So let us take a quiet moment and reflect on these posts from Crescat past:

Rules for Anonymous Commenting and My Conduct is Unbecoming.

I feel I must remind you; there is a disclaimer in my side bar, I am not perfect, and I sin. a lot. It’s been known to happen. And if I took a wild guess I would dare say so do you. We all do. a lot. None of us have attained Sainthood and reside in the Church Triumph. So until we all reach perfection, let us practice Christian charity to each other.

Also, I have readers who are not Catholic, or practicing any religion. How is our infighting and spiritual pride & superiority influencing their opinions of us as Children of God.

With that being said …

What a horrible horrible person I am. I have failed you all. I humbly beg your forgiveness, dear readers, if you were unwittingly lured to this site by the beautiful art only to be duped by my malicious intent to lead souls astray.

Now let us untwist our knickers and move on…

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