Book Review – What Can’t Be Hidden

Book Review – What Can’t Be Hidden September 7, 2021

This may seem like a short review of the book, but it’s hard to describe the book without giving away too much.  I can tell you that I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of the book and I read over the course of a weekend.  It was captivating from the first chapter.

The story is probably accurately described as an allegory, because most of the character names are applicable to either their current or future role in the story.

Quoir has been know in the deconstruction world for their non-fiction, but is quickly producing more and more quality fiction with a message!

Here is my brief review.   I hope it helps you make your decision.

Brandon Andress transported me to a distant place and kept me breathless until the very last paragraph. This captivating story first struck me as unbelievable, and then, as undeniably true and applicable to my current world. The truth is within us — it’s hard to describe and it’s sometimes hard to uncover — but it “can’t be hidden.”

What Can’t Be Hidden – available September 7th.

Karl Forehand

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