Universal brotherhood: creating a world in which women are safe from violence

Universal brotherhood: creating a world in which women are safe from violence February 25, 2013

Monica Maghiar is of Romanian origin and lives in the US. She is a mother, dentist, entrepreneur and theosophist.

I will offer a straight solution: universal brotherhood. This means to learn which are our highest ideals as humanity and educate people about them. It means to realize our unity despite sexual, religious and racial differences and work incessantly for others.

In order to ignite brotherly feelings in between nations we will have to help in the international exchange of useful arts and products, by advice, information and cooperation with all individuals and associations that support and can learn from women. Organizations must be set up to support women doing this type of work. This might sound utopian but we have plenty of examples that selfishness and individualism have been overcome by solidarity and mutual brotherhood.

More practical steps that will lead us to achieve brotherhood and selflessness as a permanent state are:

Practice meditation as a tool of developing concentration and helping us to avoid distractions. Nurture our emotional intelligence to increase our self awareness, motivation, altruism and compassion.

Using our heart as a mediator between our individual self and the universal process of life while being representative of that universal process. We are responding to two opposite forces: one selfish, self-enhancing and another that is unifying us and serves for the common good. The struggle is to manage these extreme states and make a deal with the selfish part to motivate it to work toward the higher goals. All people must progress by their own efforts.

Maintain the highest standards of love and charity; a balance between what is said and what actually gets done.

Participate in conditional relationships with men, where women bring out clearly what they want and make it happen with the men’s consent. Before we begin intimate relationships we need to be very clear of what we want from men and decide on the consequences of not keeping the agreement. Make sure that we as women keep the agreements, educate ourselves continuously and work towards making our independence possible. We can own businesses, property and don’t have to be under male domination. We need to cultivate relationships with men who are meditating, are peaceful and are open to learing easily and openly from women. Educate our boys to take care of women in ways that help their independence and our girls to learn to express their desires through words.

Work on the competition that rises between men and women and know what are the standards of behavior that can be asked from men. Work with males that are supportive and respectful and have them share their experiences with other males.

Maintain a loving-kindness attitude. Which you can start right now: imagine a sun of the size of a grapefruit in your heart. Ignite that sun with a feeling of unconditional affection that is perfect and sufficient in itself, reaching its goal without showing off or needing to be recognized and responded to. Fill yourself with it and when you are full, start spreading it out for the benefit of all around you and for the whole world. We must keep in mind that this is not only for our benefit, we must share it!

The future starts now. It is possible to change. Let’s start with each one of us!




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