Teaching our children authentic, spirit filled living

Teaching our children authentic, spirit filled living August 6, 2013

My Dream and Vision for our children stems from the concept of Truth and Veracity in our adult lives as guides and mentors.   Faith: trust, belief, hope, optimism, all integral for spiritual balance within our hearts, minds and bodies. I see the “passing on” of this knowledge only through our influence in living authentic, spirit filled lives. Being stellar models of a faith that stems from acceptance of Spirit in all her forms, cultures, traditions, and possibilities. Traveling a path that shows, not tells, of a trust that we place that the universe is a beautiful, blessed experience. And, that we are all magnificent, amazing children of God filled with light, joy and spirit. We only have to trust, and ask for the good that Divine Spirit has provided for all.

Nurturing and caring for my grandchildren has been a fulfilling, and rewarding experience. Being fully present with them, hearing them, listening to them and understanding their fears and anxieties is one of the most vital tasks I provide. Sensing the heightened intensity of their phobia’s, and dread of the world they inhabit, I attempt to be their anchor, and the calm in their violent storms. Their universe seems to be traveling [literally] at unbelievable rates of chaotic speed. Some of them are barely hanging on!

How can we possibly slow down a world spinning “hopelessly” out of control? How will these children survive into the next generation? That is, how wil they manage to grow and remain whole, healthy and balanced in mind, body and spirit?  It appears that the present “20-40” somethings are so enmeshed in the acquisition mode they are barely surviving themselves, so how will their babies/children mature intact, and more fully actualized?

I believe the single most polarizing, and unifying, factor is our school systems. I imagine, dream, believe that our hope and optimism lies within the possibilities for curriculum modifications. Courses that would provide meditation, tai-chi, visualization, positive affirmations, cooperative team building exercises in every subject taught from pre-school through college. IMAGINE the implications of such a system?

The mornings would include healthy, nourishing food, an initial quiet meditation/visualization, and socially structured, well mannered interaction with peers. From there, the schedules would be less rigid, no bells and rushing from one place to another; more close contact, conversation, and outside time. What if every class began with quiet “thinking”, short discussion about your day, polite greetings between multi-cultural students? What if? What if? What if?

The concept that we have faith is only valid if we know, and fully understand what faith is, what this belief means [to me]. And, for each person that is vastly different. Impacted by familial culture, socio-economic factors, environmental influences and pressures, external peer/social stimuli, and so much more.

Independent from all exterior-surface elements, our babies/children must develop a strong, positive, self-identity, and individuality if you will, that protects them from unhealthy-unbalanced mastery. This may allow them to know who they are, and confidently step into the world authoritatively, with their own power intact.

What is it “they” say? “Only the strong will survive!”  I pray that is true, and that we can influence the next generation[s] to embrace the strength of who they are meant to be, and thrive as people of spirit and faith.

Blessed be in peace.

Lolly Odea Polvinale: elder, teacher, writer, massage therapist; on a journey of discovery and remembering, full of hope and optimism, seeking friends and companions, believing I am a beautiful, divine child of Goddess…

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