What are your dreams/intuitions telling you about what is next for you?

What are your dreams/intuitions telling you about what is next for you? January 9, 2014

So much of our spiritual journey is about unpicking ourselves from the sticky web of “shoulds” and “have to’s” – all of those rules and expectations we have followed for so long that keep us from our true wisdom and our own desires. Indeed, there is so much in this world that claims to know better than we do. Amongst other things, the “experts” tell us what to eat, when to exercise, how to be happy, how to take care of our bodies, our children, and the Earth. Not to dismiss these experts – many of whom possess their own wisdom – women are waking up to the fact that the answers can emerge from a different place entirely: from within us. Sure, we need to keep checking in with our mentors and those we trust, but when it comes to what is right for us, we can be our own experts.

Furthermore, the personal expertise we speak of is not necessarily something we can prove using our educational certificates or anything related to our minds. Sometimes we just know because our body tells us, because we dream something, or because we get a deep inner knowing that we can’t explain using traditional forms of rationality.

So this month at the Divine Feminine blog we want to know:

What messages are you getting about what’s next for you? Tell us about your dreams, intuitions or other forms of inner guidance. If the messages come in the form of signs from nature or from the Universe, we want to know about that too.

In love,

Women of Spirit and Faith

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