Spiritual Travel with Adam C. Hall

Spiritual Travel with Adam C. Hall June 18, 2013

553244_10152423851335644_1555760201_n   “Let me be free, show me the way, light my path”

Over the years I have been fortunate to have traveled the earth. In my youth my parents enjoyed taking my brothers, sister  and I to the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, the tropical islands of Hawaii, deserts oasis’, like Mexico and an assortment of cool places in between. These trips were all about connecting with the great out doors and the natural world. Beyond the beautiful landscapes and family time, we always enjoyed the good food and creative drinks. Yes, it has been a good life! I still enjoy a good vacation where I can indulge in the culture and dance my way through the streets of far away lands. Life on earth is addicting, except reality, which is unbearable!

When the Universe decided that I needed a dose of “reality”, I was jolted from the “good life”. My travel experiences became about adventure, exploration, challenge, and change. Gone, for the most part, were the cozy beds, good food, lazy days and warm waters. My partner, Lizanne and I began to travel to places like Peru, Chile, Thailand, and Cambodia. We delve deep into the jungles and climbed some of the highest mountains on earth. There were times when we labored to breath and others where we were stunned by the power of the Universe. From the Southern Cross of the Americas to the prayers and blessing of the Buddha, we walked the earth in search of meaning. Journeys to the Indian Nations of the desert South West laid waste to old beliefs and “truths”. We connected with souls that lived one moment at a time, day to day. They were not searching for anything, they were just being.  We observed the cycle of life and death of these cultures and nation states.  Universally they all had one thing in common, a deep connection with the earth. All of them lived as earthkeepers. At their core, they have endured and evolved since the beginning of time.

I became a pilgrim in these lands. Experiencing the truth of my own existence. The more I connected with the environment, the more I felt at home where ever I would go. There were extraordinary men, women, and children who shared the gift of life one breath at a time. The “good life” became the “real life”. The real life took the best of the good life and grounded it in the earth. It rooted me in the wisdom of the earthkeepers that I met along the path.Spiritual Travel, while difficult and uncomfortable at times, changed my life for ever. It  radically altered my perception of life. Connecting with a group or a wisdom teacher as a guide to these far away lands can propel your spirit onward to a new course.

Reality on earth is amazing, the addictions are unbearable! May you find and enjoy the good life.


Where on the earth have you discovered new meaning and purpose?

Earth Mantra: Where ever I go, I am a pilgrim of love and joy.








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