G.L.U.E. The Secret Sauce with Adam C. Hall

G.L.U.E. The Secret Sauce with Adam C. Hall July 7, 2013



The first version of my self opened the gate of hell, the second version opened the gate of paradise. For most of this life, I lived in an on again off again hell. Much of it was spent managing the chaos, creating wealth, seeking self worth, and licking my wounds. There were moments of joy with family and friends, vacations abroad or reclining on the couch with a good book. However, life was a seesaw. I enjoyed rocking back and forth when I was young but as an adult, it quickly began to make me seesaw sick. When I was 42 years old, the seesaw began to uncontrollably rock back and forth. Not only did the velocity increase, but it began to spin around and around. When I could no longer hold onto the seesaw ( life ) I was thrown off. I crashed to the ground and my life broke into a 1000 pieces. I became unglued.  And, it was a good thing because I was unhappy. It was time to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Unhappiness, loss, and  failure often lead to a shift in ones life. The seesaw of the world, as it stands today, is spinning uncontrollably up and down, around and around. There is radical change afoot, both on an individual and collective level. It’s happening locally and globally. Entire societies, governments, and economies are breaking down. The planet sustains seven billion humans and growing.  The degradation of the earth over the last two hundred years has accelerated climate change.  On the individual level, you may be feeling these forces of change.The world as we know it, is unsustainable.

Each of us can make a difference in the world. We can keep the earth and sustain our humanity by making one simple choice, to keep ourselves. Contributing to change begins with each of us. I realized that in order to help  stabilize the “world seesaw”, that I should and must stabilize my own seesaw. By becoming un-glued (breaking life into a 1000 pieces), I was able to discover the secret sauce, the glue, that keeps nature in balance. If nature can create balance and sustain herself, than why can’t I?  I was ready to close the gate of hell and open the gate of paradise. Adam 1.0 was ready to die and Adam 2.0 was ready to be born.

G.L.U.E. stands for Global, Local, Universal, and Ecological. Thinking globally and acting locally has become the mantra for the modern world. However, in the post modern world, this mantra lacks  two key aspects:  universal and ecological. By feeling universally( the oneness of all living organism in nature and humanities connection to the cosmos), living ecologically (in balance with nature), thinking  globally and acting locally,we can effectuate great change on the individual and collective level.Thinking globally has become second nature with the advent of the world wide web and technological break throughs. Acting locally within the community and our affinity groups, has evolved. To date, only a fraction of the populous has chosen to feel universally . Modern societies have failed to live ecologically. While on a mass scale, the probability of feeling universally and living ecologically may seem low, it is possible. Let’s remember life is about possibilities, not probabilities! On an individual scale, the probability and possibility increases dramatically because it is a choice each of can make immediately.

If each of us puts the G.L.U.E. into our individual lives, we would collectively create a domino effect. It brings me great joy to see this happening. However, it’s imperative  that we work together to accelerate the pace. Feeling universally and living ecologically are the secret ingredients to creating a sustainable world based on truth, imagination, peace and love.

What are you doing to put the G.L.U.E. into your life?

Daily Earth Mantra: I am the G.L.U.E. that  holds the key to a sustainable future.


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