Metanoia: The Forgotten Gift of Intuition with Adam C. Hall

Metanoia: The Forgotten Gift of Intuition with Adam C. Hall July 10, 2013


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

~ Albert Einstein

To error is human. God only knows how many errors I have made over the past 52 years. For most of those years, I rationalized my way through life. If such and such happens than I will be happy,  so I thought. My actions often resulted in mistakes. Making errors are ok so long as they are not repeated. After all, life is about making mistakes and not about not making them. Mistakes and errors are important precursors to growth and evolution. Mistakes originate in the mind. The mind can act upon  rational or intuitive thoughts.The rational mind serves a useful purpose however when dominate and imbalanced, the intuitive mind is overshadowed. Imagine that when you exercise, you only exercise one half of your body. For years I only exercised my rational mind at the expense of my intuitive nature. When I realized this steep imbalance, I awoken to a whole new reality. What happened?

My reality was limited to seeing only the light side of the moon. The “dark” side was hidden. When I asked myself, what is missing? Initially, I had rational thoughts: I could buy my way out of this mistake, the conflict will go away if I attack the issue. Often the issue did go away, at least temporally. I reacted to my initial error by committing another error. I was trapped in the rational mind. Then one mourning as the sun began to rise, and the birds began to sing, I looked out the window high into the sky. As I looked high into the sky,  I observed the silhouette of a hawk.Imaging that I was the hawk, I look down upon the earth and could see everything with my 100 to 1 vision. In an instant I could zoom in on any issue. A surge of power rippled through my body. It awakened my latent intuitive sense. If I could observe my problems and errors from a higher, broader perspective, than perhaps I could move beyond the limitations of the rational mind. I began to see  the other side of the moon.

Surprisingly, the other side  of the moon was not some scary forbidden place. The more I exercised my intuitive mind, the more I realized that I had been living in the shadow of the rational mind. I was incomplete. A metanoia, (transformation of one’s whole being from rational thought to intuitive feeling) occurred. I began to create a balance of feeling and thought. The errors and mistakes  of the past no longer weighted upon my soul and I moved beyond the artificial boundaries that my rational mind had created. The gift of intuition can be experienced everyday in nature by  observing animals like the hawk.You will notice that the reptilian brain functions in a natural state of intuition. Our primal nature has been forgotten. The planet calls upon each of us now to reclaim our gift. Creating a balance of intuition and rationality will empower your life and help you achieve your wildest dreams.

How has your intuition made a difference in your life? 

Daily Earth Mantra: I am an intuitive creative being.










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