Magick in the Bedroom: A Witch’s Guide to Sleep

Magick in the Bedroom: A Witch’s Guide to Sleep September 25, 2018

Magick in the Bedroom: A Witch’s Guide to Sleep

Let’s face it, nights of restless sleep will always result with little magick in the bedroom.  Whether it be stress, leg cramps, lack of comfort, here are some tips to help get the sleep that you need and deserve.

Insomnia Stinks

Plan and simple! Lack of sleep can create loads of issues. Ranging from stress, health issues, emotional sensitivity and lack of focus abilities. The problem is that when you are suffering from insomnia, you lie awake at night and worry that you will not be able to fall asleep. This worry, of course makes it even harder to fall asleep.

Let’s start with some less than magickal things that can help.
  1. Clear electron devices and equipment from your room. That means televisions, computers and even cell phones. If you are using your cell phone for an alarm clock, try placing it across the room and not on your night stand that is right next to your bed. The light and energy that these items put off will convince your brain that it is not time for rest.
  2. Check the time that you eat your last big meal before going to bed. Many of us are so crazy busy that not only do we eat on the run, we eat things that are horrible to sit in our stomachs all night. When you sleep, your digestion slows. If you eat a large meal before going to bed, it will not have time to digest properly. The process of digestion can keep you awake or aid in waking up multiple times throughout the night. Try eating at least three to four hours before going to bed.
  3. Try winding down before you are ready to retire. Do some yoga or meditation to quiet your mind. Read a good book, stay away from reference or murder mysteries that may wind you up.
  4. Relax, take a nice and hot bubble bath, soak your feet. Drink a warm cup of tea. Passionflower and skullcap extracts or teas have gentle sedating qualities that help to prepare for a restful sleep.
  5. Never end your night on an angry tone. Do not be tempted to check your email or Facebook right before going to bed. Always kiss your love good night and wish them sweet dreams

Magick in the Bedroom: What Else Can We Do?

Dream pillows can aid in promoting sleep and dreams. Take two rectangle pieces of fabric and sew them together. Add corresponding herbs and sew shut. Place in your pillow case with your bed pillow and dream easy.

  • Use Lavender in small quantities to help calm you into a lull. Too much can be stimulating so use caution. Lavender can bring prophecy dreams.
  • Lemon Balm can help to calm but too much can be energizing. It is great for stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Chamomile is great for peaceful sleep as it is calming. It also aids in nightmares. This is a powerful herb to use for insomnia.
  • Rosemary helps us to remember our dreams. It also can help to bring dreams with messages from our loved ones that have passed on.
  •  Rose is one of my favorites. It will let you dream of love, heal with grief and heartbreak while you sleep. It also promotes dreams of love or of your loved one.

Poppets can help too. Use the same herbs to fill a poppet to represent yourself. Place this on your night stand or in with your regular pillow.

Wards: this is a protection field that is put in place to protect you and your home. I like to do one right before I tuck into my bed. I call my attention to protect my space while I sleep and invoke a protecting pentacle in each corner, above and below. This will keep me safe while I am sleeping. I have noticed that this changes the energy in my bedroom and when I do it I sleep much better.

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