The Walkabout of Oberon Zell

The Walkabout of Oberon Zell November 20, 2018

The clouds painted a dark skyscraper of grey, as a downpour of cold droplets fell from the sky. If the temperature had been just a tad warmer, I may have applauded this cosmic painter but instead, I just shivered as I stepped from my comfortable car into a shallow puddle. This annoyance did not last long as it was the only thing standing in my way to meeting with the real-life wizard, Oberon Zell.

Meeting Oberon Zell

The old wooden door creaked open as I slowly stepped inside. After careful debate, we had decided to meet at a local favorite, The Witches Brew (156 Derby Street in Salem, MA), As I looked around, it was almost empty. There stood a waitress, who was acting bartender or vise-versa and a friendly set of eyes peeking from the next room. Oberon had arrived a few moments prior.

Oberon Zell sat at a table towards the back. It was easy to recognize him. Well. I suppose it is if you are someone who grew up with Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Witches and Magick. He has been called Dumbledore and Gandalf but adamantly corrects that he is “Oberon.” The long, whitish bread and hair classically identifies his look as a wizard for sure, but there is much, much more to this magickal man.

Oberon is always welcoming. Listening to his stories reminded me of being a child while my grandmother read Fairy Tales from her rocker. They were interesting, captivating and oh so mystical. In our first part of our interview, we talked about the famous ‘Unicorn’ that Morning Glory and Oberon re-created. I found the adventures of that project so fascinating, that it calls to be featured in its own post shortly down the road. For this post, I would like to focus more on Oberon’s Walkabout Adventures.


We ordered lunch and continued on with our conversation. I had been contacted a few days prior to be a featured reader for a fundraiser and birthday bash held in the honor of Oberon Zell. Some friends and admirers are holding a special event to help raise funds for Oberon’s travels. With   Oberon, still in Salem, MA, I thought it would be a wonderful time to catch with him about his travels.

Oberon writes about his walkabouts, starting with this post:

“In my 76th year of this incarnation, with everything I own placed into storage, I decided to go on an indefinite Walkabout. My Mission is to travel around the country making personal visits with old and new friends and lovers, interspersed with book-signings and talks at Pagan stores and gatherings. Previously, people who wanted to meet me had to come to me. Now I’m coming to you! (or at least to a Pagan venue in your neighborhood).”

Oberon also shared this short synopsis of where he has been so far and his plans in the future:

“I hit the road on June 15 of 2018. After adventures in California, Reno, Las Vegas, Austin, Guatemala, Salt Lake City, Omaha, Kansas City, St Louis, Cincinnati, numerous places in Pennsylvania, and NYC, I arrived in Salem, MA on Oct. 10, in time for Samhain. I attended the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto the first week in Nov., and I’ll be based in Salem through the winter, working to open the Cosmic Connection Temple of Stars, before heading off on the eastern and southern part of my journey (including several big Pagan festivals) in the Spring.”

To help with Oberon’s walkabout and/or to get updates if his travels, go here.


Ordering food was mirrored right down to both of us getting the pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. It always seems funny to me how witches and apparently wizards can never get enough pumpkin anything. Lattes, pancakes, beer… now cheesecake. Yum. Our conversation continued.

Oberon reminded me that he is an artist, a sculpture. I knew that he was a teacher and writer as well. “The Wizard and the Witch” is probably my favorite although it is penned by author John C. Sulak. It is the oral history of not only Oberon Zell but also his since passed wife, Morning Glory. This book has 410 pages of accounts but Oberon told me that this book was originally double the size, boosting thirty-three chapters.He also has hinted that he may release the complete transcript at some point in the future.

The other book that I am most familiar with is his “Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard.” This book, I am told came about at a trade show. Oberon Zell started making statues for children’s altars. He was selling them at the Denver New Age Trade Show when he was introduced to a publisher, who asked him what book he would like to write. This is the book that would come from that conversation.

Birthday Bash and Fundraiser

As Oberon Zell prepares to get ready for his next adventure, his friends and supporters have organized a Birthday Bash Fundraiser to be help on November 24th, 2018 in Salem, MA. Oberon will be on hand sharing his tales and more. There will also be many other performers. To purchase tickets or see more of the line up, go here.

End Note

Many of Oberon Zell’s creations in jewelry, statuary and books, can be found locally at Nu Aeon, located at 88 Wharf Street in Salem, MA or online at The Guiding Tree.

The Grey School of Wizardry is a magick school that Oberon created after his Grimoire book. It was originally intended for teenagers but more adults seem to register. It seems to have enough classes to keep all happy and busy for many years.

A hug good bye and out the door I went. The rain had stopped. There was still no sun to be found. My heart was singing as it should. How many can say they have met a real life wizard? If you ever get the chance to meet Oberon Zell, I promise you will not be sorry. This man has a gentle, loving soul and a wealth of knowledge that expands all of our years.

Thank you Oberon Zell for bringing your awesomeness to us!

Blessed Be.

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