Winter Magick

Winter Magick December 1, 2019

Winter Magick

With the Solstice officially here at the end of the month, it seems that now would be a wonderful time to talk about “Winter Magick.” Not to mention that the lovely forecast this brisk, cold morning here in New England, calls for three to eighteen inches of the white fluffy stuff. Instead of sticking your nose in the air, grabbing those extra blankets so you can wrap up like a burrito, or complaining until the first sign of spring, why not try to embrace it and remember some of the fun and magick we create as a child.


Snow Goddesses

Formerly called angels and you can certainly call them this. I like to call them Goddesses and invoke that energy.

So bundle up and step outside. Pick out a nice flat area and softly lay yourself flat on your back. Take a deep breathe and ask the Goddess to wrap you in love. Start to spread your “wings” arms and legs and make a wish. When you are done, but before you get up, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Listen to the quietness of winter. I like to meditate softly for a moment or two. Skip this if you tend to fall asleep during meditations.

When you are finished, carefully get up. Stand at the base of your Goddess. Thank them for being with you and aiding in your intentions. You can make an offering at this time if you so wish. Fresh flowers, pomegranate seeds or something else special to your Goddess.

Snow Man or Woman Love Magick

Looking to bring a love into your life? Do you wanna build a snowman?

As you are collecting snow for each part, think about the qualities of the person you would like to bring into your life. Leave out hair and eye color. Put in qualities like secure, financial stable, they will love me so I know it, etc. Think about these things as you build each body ‘ball’.

When you have carefully made all three parts, it is time for the decorating. Put some thought into this part. Do not give him a corncob pipe if you do not want a smoker. If you like him to be financially stable, add some chinese coins into his ‘hand’ or pocket. If you would like him to be loving, add some red or pink food color. You can be so creative with this spell.

If you would like to add a written piece to this, write it out on a piece of toilet paper. Toilet paper will start to disintegrate and be gone well before spring. If you do this step, wrap it into the center of the middle body ball.

Visit with your creation every day until they melt. Then know that your spell has gone out into the universe to do its work. When you visit with it, tell them your hopes and dreams. This spell should come to fruit in about 3-6 months if you are truly ready.


Snowballs are a great source for releasing things that no longer serve you. Grab a handful of snow and name something that you want to release. As you pack your ball, concentrate on how good it would feel to just let go of this burden. When you are ready, through your snowball at a hard surface and smash this barrier, distraction or what not. Make sure and NOT to throw releasing snow balls at people or animals.

Time for Hot Cocoa

Once your outside magick is complete, time to come inside out of the cold. Grab a warm cup of tea of indulge the inner child with a cup of cocoa. Take your favorite milk or dairy alternative, and some powdered chocolate. Mix it over low heat, stirring constantly until warm. Pour in a inspirational mug, top with marshmallows, peppermint sprinkles or chocolate curls. Find your comfy place, and just sit. No TV, no phone, no distractions. Allow yourself 20 minutes to unwind and come back to reality.

There is something about hot cocoa and the inner child. It is so soothing. For the past holiday seasons, I have even created a Hot Cocoa Station or Bar. Here is a picture of my set up (available for purchase) or simple to create your own. Just fill some small jars with hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, sprinkles and more. This was such a hit that I decided to keep it up through the entire winter season to indulge my inner child.






About Alura Rose
Priestess Alura Rose has spent over 35 years in the study of divination and witchcraft, and is a frequent reader at Enchanted in Salem, MA. Now she steps forward and intertwines her passion for fairy tales with her experience in the craft, leading rituals, teaching workshops and creating magickal art and spells, all based upon Fairy Tales. Alura believes that Fairy Tales hold the secrets of the ancient Goddess tradition and she has become known as "The Fairy Tale Witch." She is a gifted teacher and tarot reader with phenomenal intuition. Alura has also mastered the art of Toe Reading and now introduces her own divination creation, “Fairy Tale Runes.”. To have a seat across from Alura, is to open the book on your own tale and see what magick lies in store for you to discover. You can read more about the author here.
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