Rapunzel’s Tale of Obstacles and Release

Rapunzel’s Tale of Obstacles and Release July 8, 2020

The Tale of Rapunzel

From the time, Rapunzel was a very young child, she was locked high in a tower where no one could reach her. Depending on which version you may have heard, she may be a princess, stolen from her family for her magickal abilities or simply a baby paying off her own family’s karma debt of theft.

Regardless of which story is your favorite, we can see both as a tale of isolation. But just as fairy tales often hold messages below the surface, Rapunzel is indeed no exception. This is a story of using available resources, even unconventional ideas to solve the problem at hand, no matter how difficult.

What we can learn from this tale

Rapunzel teaches us that no matter how dim things may be, no matter how stuck or trapped we may feel, that there is likely a way out. We may even feel that there is no way out because we are lacking tools, money, ideas but Rapunzel assures us that if we get out of our head and quiet the mindless chatter, we can use our insight, intuition and experiences to come up with something outside of the box, that will set us free.

Interesting, the tale of Rapunzel does make me think of the Tower Card in the Tarot. In the Rider-Waite Tarot, a tower is depicted. It is on fire as chaos breaks out and some cannot take the pressure. They jump to the fate that waits them below. Now you could look at this as a negative card. Yes, the energy that goes with it is surely uncomfortable. Chaos, Hopelessness, Doom. But if we be like Rapunzel and let down our hair, think outside of the box and escape, we kick out the boundaries. We grow and are better for it. No one said it would be easy but it will give you leaps and bounds in your life journey.

The following is a mediation to help release obstacles in your life. Take a look at whatever may come to you, no matter how bazaar it may seem.

Rapunzel’s Tower; A Meditation to Release Obstacles

Light a purple candle (white can be use as a substitute). Lightly gaze at the flickering flame losing focus and just being. Slowly, count down into a meditative state. 13…, 12…, 11…, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Breathe deeply.

Imagine that you are in the top of a castle tower. Pretend if you will, that there are stone walls all around you. At first, the room is dark and gray but then you notice a glimpse of light on the floor. Look around at hard walls until you notice a small pile of stones in a corner. If you have trouble finding them, look to where the glimpse of light is shining to. Follow the trail on the floor to the pile of stones in the corner.

Take each stone in your hand, one by one. Examine each one. Read the name of the obstacle or problem in your life that is written on the stone. One by one, take your time, until you have looked at every stone in the corner. As you look at each stone, separate it from the pile. As you do this, thank it for coming into your life and ask for the lesson to be learned and resolved. Be open to any messages you may be receiving at this time. When you have gone through the pile of stones, one by one, turn to the light. See the window that is open and shining bright with love and light.

As you walk to the window, you notice a figure in the shadow. Rapunzel greets you with a warm smile. She offers her ladder of hair for you to climb down from the tower and your pile of stones. You listen to any messages that she may have for you. Listen now. Thank her and carefully climb down the ladder of golden locks bringing with you everything you need to know to move forward in your life, feeling happy and refreshed. When you reach the ground, wave with gratitude to Rapunzel and sit at the bottom of the tower to reflect. Counting up, bringing with you all the you need. 1…, 2…, 3…, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Take a moment to clear and ground.

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About Alura Rose
Priestess Alura Rose has spent over 35 years in the study of divination and witchcraft, and is a frequent reader at Enchanted in Salem, MA. Now she steps forward and intertwines her passion for fairy tales with her experience in the craft, leading rituals, teaching workshops and creating magickal art and spells, all based upon Fairy Tales. Alura believes that Fairy Tales hold the secrets of the ancient Goddess tradition and she has become known as "The Fairy Tale Witch." She is a gifted teacher and tarot reader with phenomenal intuition. Alura has also mastered the art of Toe Reading and now introduces her own divination creation, “Fairy Tale Runes.”. To have a seat across from Alura, is to open the book on your own tale and see what magick lies in store for you to discover. You can read more about the author here.

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