November 30, 2021

The Horned One About My Heart Where do I feel you, Horned One? In the sting of my sunburned flesh, In the adrenaline rushing through my limbs, In the missed step up my staircase.   Where do I see you, Horned One? As the sleek black cat crossing my path, As the crack in the sidewalk I must avoid, As the ladder I must not walk under,   Where do I hear you, Horned One? In the ringing of a... Read more

November 10, 2021

In this post, I’ll be reviewing So Potent Art: the Magic of Shakespeare by Emily Carding, published in 2021 by Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. TLDR; Lovers of Shakespeare will revel in this work. So Potent Art is a thoughtfully written expose of the very real magic that influenced many of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. Readers who enjoy reading academic analyses will connect well with Carding’s writing style. I had a lot of preconceptions about this book before I received a copy to review.... Read more

September 20, 2021

TLDR; reading fiction is good for the brain and for building social relationships. Pagan/witchy/occult fiction title recommendations at end of post. I work in a college library and so it should come as no surprise that our most popular materials don’t fall under fiction. The reality is that anyone who holds a regular 9-to-5, is a student, or a parent is less likely to have time to read, let alone read fiction. For some, reading anything other than nonfiction isn’t... Read more

September 14, 2021

I’ve been hearing some noise about people shaming anyone who enjoys reading Silver Ravenwolf. It isn’t uncommon to witness source shaming in the pagan community because a lot of clout is put on what and who we read. There are many avenues by which people come to witchcraft, though. Many of them “fluffy” by today’s standards but we should still honor them. I first heard the word “Wicca” on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” back in the late 90s and my... Read more

September 6, 2021

A few weeks ago I experienced vertigo that lasted for several days and then intermittently over the following week. It started while at work one day. I looked up from reading an article on my desk to check a notification on my computer and the room spun. I kept waiting for the moment to pass but the spinning continued. To top it off, I had to use the bathroom. So, I stood up and made my way to the bathroom... Read more

July 15, 2021

John Beckett posted a thought-provoking piece on suffering today. The main point is that we didn’t “sign up for suffering” simply by existing nor do we suffer because of past life transgressions. I have also witnessed many pagans gaslight themselves by believing they somehow deserve suffering. Likewise, plenty of pagans have gaslit others by telling them they deserve suffering. I won’t pretend that I haven’t struggled with those same thoughts. I do think we have more control over our current... Read more

July 5, 2021

I’m sure many of you have noticed the #DefendOccultBooks trend on social media. Me being me, I attempted to research the genesis of this hashtag as this was the first I had heard of an attack on occult books. 10 posts deep, the Instagram hashtag evolved to include comments about needing to push more newbies to read books as a means to shield against anti-intellectualism. Anti-intellectualism encourages intuition over logic and action over reflection. At the core of anti-intellectualism is... Read more

June 27, 2021

Prolific writer and Patheos Pagan blogger, Jason Mankey, has released yet another great book: The Horned God of the Witches. This post will serve as my review and reflection of that piece. While I try my best to not spoil content, I will be addressing larger themes throughout the book. So, reader beware: possible spoilers ahead! TLDR; It’s refreshing to read a pagan book on deities that isn’t dedicated to goddess worship. In true form, Mankey’s writing is both reverent and hilarious.... Read more

June 15, 2021

This past Friday, two colleagues and I were standing around the office coffeemaker. In true librarian fashion, we were discussing information-seeking behavior. Information-seeking behavior studies look at why people seek out the information that they do. One of my colleagues posited that people who thrive on conspiracy theories desire a thin veil between them and chaos. The further down the rabbit hole of conspiracies that they research, the closer to chaos they become. This chaos offers them meaning in a world that... Read more

May 18, 2021

In my previous post, I wrote about Currency and how we can apply it to books like Witchcraft Today. Today’s post is dedicated to the second facet of the CRAAP Test: Relevancy. Every day, we are inundated with a massive amount of information. Our brains do a ton of work sifting out the pebbles from the golden nuggets of information, even without our notice. However, more complex information requires a more discerning eye. Ever scroll through your Google results and ask, “The... Read more

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