Sunday Morning Prayer — 7/13/2014

Sunday Morning Prayer — 7/13/2014 July 13, 2014

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Sunday Morning Prayer – Based on Luke 12:49-56

(A Prayer of Confession)

Good and gracious God,

we’ve been conditioned
to look at the world
through an either/or division.
Either you are with us or…
Either you are right or…
Either you are straight or…

Our oversimplification
of the immense complexity
of Creation
has left us with divisions
that are not real –
they are not a reflection
of the realities woven
into Creation.

We have made our
own creation –
less complex,
less sophisticated,
less inclusive.
Our false either/or compartmentalization
creates in us these divisions.
Divisions based
on the faulty premise
that your Creation
is simple,
that your Creation
always has easy answers,
that your Creation
is somehow
not a reflection
of the immense complexity
of you
the Creator.

Worse yet,
it suggest that we
are not so much
created in your image
but rather are a
pale reflection
of you.

Teach us that life
is complex.
Teach us that it is rare
for life to be so either/or.
Teach us to value the complexity,
to see it as a reflection
of the immensity of Creation,
the immensity of you.
And use this insight
to pull us back together,
to breakdown these
human made walls
of division
and make us whole again.




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