By Her Own Standards Bristol Palin is Worse Than a Slave Owner – Here’s Why

By Her Own Standards Bristol Palin is Worse Than a Slave Owner – Here’s Why October 29, 2015
By many people’s measure, Sarah Palin spawned the likes of Donald Trump and Ben Carson in the GOP. It’s so terribly fitting then (and I do mean terribly) that Sarah’s daughter, Bristol, has not only taken up one of Ben Carson’s more ridiculous blatherings, but has taken it to the next level.

In a recent article post for Patheos, Bristol writes that not only is Carson correct in saying people who have abortions are like slave owners, they are actually worse!

Bristol’s argument goes like this:

Slave owners were racist, and that’s horrible. But abortionists take a huge leap from that and actually believe that unborn children aren’t human beings at all!

She continues quoting David French, from the less than reputable National Review, who points to what he calls “undeniable scientific evidence” that:

…an unborn child is distinctly human from the moment of conception, possessing his or her own unique DNA, and that while the baby is dependent on the mother, he or she is not part of the mother.

And that, my friends, is why Bristol Palin, by her own reasoning, is worse than a slave owner.

You see, only 30 to 40 percent of fertilized eggs successfully implant into the wall of the womb. That means that any woman with an active sex life who doesn’t consistently use some form of contraception is like to have experienced, unbeknownst to them, the fertilization of an ovum (egg) and then the loss of that ovum.

Considering that Bristol claims her son Tripp was the result of a planned pregnancy, it is statistically fair to assume that she has experienced the loss of a fertilized ovum.

How cruel is that? By her own definition, she created life and then allowed it to not receive the sustenance and nurturing that all human life deserves! That’s just despicable. Unbelievable!

But really, it just shows exactly how ridiculous the foundation of her and Ben Carson’s argument really is.

While they aren’t bold enough (or brave enough?) to say why they really believe that abortion is a horrible, no good, very bad thing, it seems safe to say they base their belief largely on “biblical” reasons.

Here’s the thing though, Palin and Caron’s arguments are not biblical. Not even close.

Biblically, life is believed to begin with breath, with breathing. But let’s face it, the Bible was never meant to be used as a science manual.

In Exodus we learn that if a man causes a woman to miscarriage he is fined, but is he causes the woman to die, he will be put to death. Clearly, in biblical times, they didn’t just fine a person if they had taken a life. For heaven’s sake, they were told to stone disobedient children. (You can read more about the biblical definition of the beginning of life here).

Even historically in the Church, the idea that abortion is a horrible, no good, very bad thing is an idea that (as another Patheos blogger put it) is younger than the Happy Meal.

The ultimate point is, for all their religiosity and appeal to science, the arguments that Palin and Carson make are neither particularly biblical nor scientifically sound. They are mostly smoke and mirrors, full of sound and fury. And, they signify nothing.



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