The Best Atheist Explanation: Origin of the Universe

The Best Atheist Explanation: Origin of the Universe February 23, 2023

In the past year or so, I’ve engaged different atheists in my comments section. To see those exchanges, please click on the below articles.

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The Appeal of Atheism

Are Atheists Closer to Heaven Than Christians Who Could Not Care Less?

In all my exchanges, a topic keeps coming up and leaves me dissatisfied: the atheistic explanation for the origin of the universe. From what I gather, atheists either say humans cannot know, thereby appealing to agnosticism, or punt to future scientific knowledge, thereby appealing to future scientific breakthroughs. Some posit the universe uncaused and punt to theoretical physics. Sadly, I never get an answer that makes sense and answers the most basic question of all – why is there anything at all? Why something instead of nothing?

This article represents my appeal for such an answer from atheists.

The God of the Gaps

Moreover, some (okay all) atheists that read this will immediately jump on theists for punting to God. “Why not magic?” “Why not an invisible one-eyed spaghetti monster?” “Like us, you do not know.” Well, at least the Christian concept of God makes rational sense for the origin of the universe. God as an all-power creative Mind with a will, gave substance to reality. But I digress. My appeal is not about my view of the origin of the universe, but that of atheists.

Is It Better?

Furthermore, why abandon my current view for an atheistic one? Why accept agnosticism, future science, or atheistic theoretical physicists over the views of someone like Catholic theoretical physicist Dr. Stephen M. Barr? Dr. Barr provides a compelling critique of three popular atheistic explanation for the origins of the universe in Modern Physics, the Beginning, and Creation. He also offers much needed clarification on the Christian theistic understand of the origin of the universe. Anyone who questions Dr. Barr’s credentials and expertise, please check out his Wikipedia page.

Atheists on Defense  

I spend a lot of time defending my theistic views. I think it only fair to allow atheists the same courtesy. So, please feel free to offer your best explanation for the origin of the universe. Please make your explanation as clear and concise as possible. If your explanation appears plausible, I will let you know, as I endeavor to follow the truth wherever it leads me.

Final Thoughts

Please, no tangents that veer off from the topic at hand. For example, attacks on theism of the “problem of evil” variety. The topic at hand is the best atheistic explanation for the origin of the universe, not theism. Let’s keep things civil and on point.


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